Refudiated Constupidicy, and Other Palinisms

I'm probably a little more like Dubya Bush that Willie Shakespeare, but who's counting anyway?

Well, I guess by now everyone out their has herd about my refudiation of the NAACP, and Obamer and his wife (what’s-her-name). Now, I rote about my fantabulous command of the English langwig in one of my other blob, I mean blog posts, a few weaks back, and I even threatened, I mean offered to right my own dictuary. I’m shur everyone was laffin it up at the time. But, guess hoo got the last laff? That’s write, ME and ol’ Willie Shakespeare, that’s who.

So, for anybody out they’re thinkin’ that “refudiate” is my only confribulution to this living langwig of are’s, here are a few more perils of wisdom:

Liebrul: lie-bur-rul (noun, I think)
Yep, this is a real commonsense conservaturd word for those lying lefties.

Audacideny: aww-dass-i-den-eye (adjitive)
When the lamestream media has the audaciny to deny what I say. Something close to refudiating, also too.

Constupidicy: con-stu-pid-issy (not sure)
The lefty plot to make everything I say look like some idjit said it.

Obamarama: O-bam-er-am-er (verb, or something like that)
When Obama gets us Republican’ts all confused and makes us disagreen with everything he says there, and it turns into something like a circus.

Lamenighters: laym-niit-urs (mean people)
Those not-so-funny folks (that no one watches anyway) who act like I’m God’s gift to stand up hominy.

Hornydog: whore-nee-dog (noun, maybe)
That low-life-never-gonna-be-son-in-law of mine who comes sniffin’ around Bristol just to make me mad, and get magazine interviews.

Welp, that’s it so far. I’m still working on the rest of my fancy words and I’m gonna make another million or seven when I publicate my dictuary and all my simple-mined minions buy it, you’ll see!

I saw that! Don’t you sit they’re shakin’ your head. By golly, you just witlessed history in the makin’. 500 years from now, they’ll still be saying words I made up, and my dumbing down of America Champagne is gonna make sure of it!

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One Response to Refudiated Constupidicy, and Other Palinisms

  1. I really, really love all of your “fancy” words. Nice blog, keep up the great work!

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