My Last Safe Haven

Well, I guess I finally did it. I always thought I could get away with anything on my Facebook page. So much so, that I called it my “safe haven”. I mean, I’ve said some pretty ridiculous things there, like “Obama’s death panel could kill my Down Syndrome baby,” and “Don’t Retreat, Reload!” (accompanied by my famous crosshairs map), and “Global Warming is a Snow Job” (and I know snow jobs, that’s for sure). So, I guess when I chose to endorse Carly Fiorina for that California Senate seaty thingy, instead of that Chuck person my baggers wanted me to endorse, it did come as a shock to me that my mindless, blindly following Palinbots would rise up and challenge me. How could they?

Now don’t even ask, because I won’t show my contract or tell how much I was paid to say anything or endorse anybody, but it’s always been clear as the writing on my hand that I follow the money trail… wherever it might lead. I’ll go anywhere, say anything, and act as stupid as I have to in order to keep those big fat checks coming in to Scarah PAC. At this point, I’m only surprised that my sheeple are surprised!

Now, I made sure to let them know that they’re only mad because they need more information, and I surely gave it to them. But, some of them still haven’t apologized, so I might have to block them. It’s just better that way. We don’t want my Facebook page to start seeming like a place where free speech by anyone other than me is accepted. So, let’s get this straight right now. Dissent among the rank and file will not be tolerated, no sirree Bab!

When I’m elected Queen in 2012, I’m gonna run my, I mean our, entire country from right there on Facebook. I’ll just post all my commands, and then I’ll have flunkies go and do my bidding. And I have good reasons to do so. As I’m sure many of you have realized by now, I choose to run my mouth, I mean post my opinions, on Facebook and Twitter because it’s sooo much better for me to attack, I mean educate in a format where no one who knows anything can make direct comments at me. Really, what do I care if the lame stream media gets to read my posts and write stupid things after the fact? I get to have my ghost riders, I mean writers, say my peace and I walk away without ever having to answer to anyone! No gotcha journalists, and no smarty-pantses like Katie Couric. So, if I want to tell Obamer what to do, insult his decisions, call his followers names, and attack anybody at anytime, I can. And, no one can stop me. Its the perfect forum for someone like me who will not debate, answer intelligent questions, or take any kind of criticism!

So, when you log in there a few hours from now and find that all those troublemakers who don’t agree to vote for the candidate I’m tellin’em to vote for (whether they like it or not) have chosen to leave my fan site, and all their snarky little comments have been deleted, don’t be surprised. It’s MY safe haven, not theirs, and I intend to keep it that way, you betcha!

©Scarah Palin 2010

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2 Responses to My Last Safe Haven

  1. Ron Clark says:

    That is her, ya; betcha!

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